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Let me tell ya about this session and how it came about! Brandi’s mom, Stacey, and my mom are close friends. They were always saying how Brandi and I needed to meet. Finally, I followed Brandi on Instagram and asked her if I could photograph her and her cats (oh my goodness they are beautiful and hella sassy)! My photographer friend Ashley came along and photographed them as well. My best friend Maeghan also came along and helped out. We all clicked and had such a fun time! We went to Heroes in Warrensburg afterward. :)

Brandi could be an amazing interior designer. She is talented in so many different ways but wowowowow. Check out her home! She has refurbished so many pieces and I am beyond impressed…and of course, check out those beautiful kitties and doggos she has! <3

I’m so glad I gained a friendship and created so many beautiful in home images!

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