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Hi there!

Remember the anniversary session giveaway? Rick and Susie won and we recently took their photos in their beautiful home! Their 50th anniversary was Tuesday, June 4th, and we to ok their photos on the 3rd. Their anniversary party was on the 4th which worked out perfectly because they had Susie’s wedding dress and a bridesmaid’s dress displayed. Their house is an absolute dream! You’ll see their gorgeous floral dining room wallpaper and you know I’m obsessed.

Now let’s talk LOVE. Wow. They are so crazy for each other, still 50 years later. I had to hold back tears and I was covered in the good goosebumps (definitely teared up when editing though). They are high school sweethearts <3 They were always holding hands, looking at each other with loving eyes, telling me their story, kissing (a lot) and just glowing! Rick told me that they kiss all the time and it keeps them feeling like they are 30 or 35 years old. That is GOALS. Rick and Susie are GOALS <3

I could go on and on about how happy they make me. They show me that true love exists. Well, here are the photos to prove it. Enjoy!

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