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Hey there!

Let’s talk BOUDOIR.

What a great present for your significant other, soon to be spouse OR gift to YOURSELF!

Here are some things you will need:

OUTFIT(s): I suggest 2-3 outfits. Typically I suggest a white outfit (for those getting married especially) or a light/bright colored one, a sexy black one and then a piece of clothing from your significant others closet such as a button up or sport jersey! Of course, DO YOU! Also, your photos don’t have to be too risque! You don’t have to wear super revealing clothes or even pose too suggestively. Choose what feels like “you”! Shoes or no shoes…heels or barefoot are definitely the most popular options!

LOCATION: When it comes to picking where to take your photos I usually suggest your own home. If you don’t feel like it’s photo ready maybe a friend’s home, rent a hotel room, my home (pictured here) or if you’re real adventurous we can find a beautiful but discrete outdoor location!

MAKEUP: Even if you don’t wear makeup on a regular basis it’s a great idea to wear some on the day of your boudoir photos. It won’t hurt to treat yourself to be pampered on this day! Feel free to ask for some makeup artists referrals!

HAIR: Do what makes you feel sexy! Tight curls, loose curls, straightened, braids, up, down…do your thing!

PROPS: If you have any special items you’d like to bring, please do! A few examples are: letters to or from your significant other, flowers and jewelry ( especially your engagement ring if you have one)!

Here are some things to do before your session:

- Shave/Wax everywhere that needs it! If you wax, make sure to do it a few days prior to avoid redness and irritation during your session.
- Paint your nails and make sure they’re not chipped.
- Wear loose clothes on the way to your session to avoid any creases on your skin and maybe a button up to avoid messing up your beautifully done hair!
- Relax! Remember, these photos are only for those eyes you want to see them. If you do not wish to have them shared on social media I will not do so! I will not let anyone else see. The photos will go on a private online gallery with multiple passwords, hidden from everyone without the direct link and passwords. Only you have the power to share these with whom you choose.


These photos are at my home in Lee’s Summit. The model is a sweet friend of mine, Kayla, that is getting married in April 2019! The romper is from Forever 21 and the flowers are from Trader Joe’s! I saw the romper online and knew I wanted it modeled in my guest room with the soft floral sheets from Ross (love that place)! Kayla did her own makeup and that is her gorgeous natural hair! <3

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